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Breastfeeding mothers

We understand having small children at church isn`t always easy. So we have a courner designed just for you. A place where you can change your babies nappies and a shielded courner with chairs so you can breastfeed in peace.


0-3yrs old

Welcome in the Bubbles to all toddlers! This safe, clean and inviting place to play is for parents and toddlers aged 1-3. Which even is equipped with a screen and speakers so you can see and hear everyhting which goes on so you don`t miss a thing!


4-7yrs old

Arr, come on board ye Piraatjes! Come and join us as we go on an adventure searching for treasure. Let’s embark together and see what God has in store for us and what buried treasure he as hidden for us to find!

Scuba Divers

8-12yrs old

Put your scuba suits on Scuba Divers! God is like an endless coral reef that keeps you standing in awe. Come and join us as we suit up each week having fun and learning together!

Check In

Here at Lighthouse we want you to be confident that your child is secure and safe. That’s why we use a check in system: when you child arrives they are signed in with a matching security tag given to a parent or guardian who must return with the tag to collect their child at the end of the service. You can also download our church app and get a bar code through your planning center account. This bar code speeds up signing in and collecting your child. 

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Life Groups!
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18:00 - CIA

11:00am - Karel Govaertsstraat 53, Antwerpen 2100 Doors open 10:30

11:00 - 1st & 3rd Sundays - Vlasmarkt 30, 2000
Doors open 10:00

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