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Life Boats

Life Boats will be launched in Sept 2014!

What does that mean?
Life Boats are groups of 4-8 people meeting twice a month to become disciples of Jesus Christ.
The heartbeat is an open and honest attitude as this is not about gaining plain knowledge – its more about applying scripture to our lives and being open about the
struggles and difficulties that this brings ….
We wanna learn from each other, encourage each other, build real friendships as we walk together ….

We will launch  4 Life Boats –  which will take place every 1. and 3. week of the month! Starting with September 2014!


Mondays 19:00h (starting 01. September) at Paul & Britney s place 2180 Ekeren,
contact: Britney Huysmans GSM: 0478 44 13 54 (english Life Boat)

Mondays 19:30h (starting 01. September) at Sarah Decker s place  2060 Antwerpen,
contact: Sarah GSM: 0489 33 51 72 (nederlands Life Boat)

Wednesdays 19:30 (starting 03 September) at Elke s place, 2660 Hoboken,
contact: Elke Evenblij GSM: 0498 35 02 63 (english Life Boat)

Wednesday 19:30h (starting 03. September) ONLINE via GROUP-SKYPE-video-call,
contact: Frank Ernst  GSM: 0474 189348 (english Life Boat)

Thursday 09:30h (starting 11. September) ONLINE via GROUP-SKYPE-video-call,
contact: Hadassa Busschots  GSM: 0486 68 68 77 (english Life Boat)

Sundays 14:00 (starting 14 september) at Hugo & Hilde s place  2030 Ekeren,
contact: Hilde van Roie GSM: 0486 37 85 07 (nederlands / english Life Boat)

If you are interested in joining a LIFE BOAT, pls contact the LIFE BOAT leader or send an email to!

Come on board…


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