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Life Groups are interest-based groups which take place during the week. The aim is that in each group we are all able to take one step further on our journey with Christ and around the things which connect us together in life. Life Groups happen during Autumn, Winter and Spring.


Life Groups are a great place to get to know people in a smaller setting. We also believe that being part of a Life Group will provide you with opportunities to grow and deepen your faith, and relationships. It is the place for us to “do life together”. For we were not designed to walk this life alone.


Each Group Meets where the lead chooses, please see the groups information to find out the location. By hosting the event, they are opening their doors to everyone and anyone, please feel free to join any life group or contact the group leader or our Life group leader: Nathan Locklar @


The Next Life Group Semester is Here!
This semester will last from May 5th - June 30th  2019!


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Completeness in Christ (EN/NL)

What does it mean to be included in the completed work of Christ?  We will discover topics such as finding your identity in Christ; the joy of intimacy with our Lord; how that finds expression in a life of integrity. What does it mean if we are seated with Christ; died in Christ and raised with Christ.

You will be encouraged and be challenged to take your life and your faith to the next level.

We will sing worships songs, watch short 20-25 minute videos, fellowship, pray, serve one another and have lots of fun together. Oh, and of course, don’t miss out on the snacks and drinks.

 Will be mostly English with as much Dutch as you want in between.


Leader:             Joseph & Ansellia Pieterse

When:               Thursdays, 19:30 - 21:00

Where:             Robert Bossaertsstraat 6, 2600 - Berchem

Contact:            +32 470 94 79 04;



Prayer Evening! (EN/NL)

If you find it hard sometimes to stay dedicated in praying on your own, or
even hard to wait for God in silence? Than this life group is something for you! We will try out some challenging and refreshing ways of prayer to give your prayer life a new boost!


For the word of God says: For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." Isn’t that awesome! So let us pray the roof of this place and see how God will change this city!



Leader:             Katrien Zeuwts

When:               Thursday, 19:30 - 21:30

Where:             Lighthouse Fellowship, Leeuwlantstraat 92, 2100 Antwerpen

Contact:            +32 486 07 46 08

Woman's Bible Study (EN/NL)

Come and join us round the table with a cup of coffee or tea on a Thursday morning and we're going to open up the bible and see what the book of James has to teach us!


Leaders:              Rianne Adams

When:                 Thursday 10:00-11:00

Where:               Kloosterstraat 17, Hoboken 2660.  (make sure you choose hoboken not antwerp!)


Why do we believe the Bible and Other topics? (EN)

Why do we believe what we believe? Are we equipped to answer some simple questions about our faith? Let's sit down together and study the scriptures to discover the answers to the common questions that are posed to us by non-believers.


Leader:              Bruce Wissinger

When:                Friday, 19:30. Meets: May 10, 17, 24, and 31

Where:              Amerikalei 103, Antwerp

Contact:   Or 0476924205.



A Fun Interactive Discovery (EN/NL)

How to handle our feelings, before they handle us. Understanding the misunderstanding in our communication.

Who would you like to get along with better?  What are you learning at this moment in your life?___________________________________________________________

Leaders:         Annick De Somer

When:            Monday or Tuesday, 19:00-21:00.

Where:           Lighthouse Fellowship, Leeuwlantstraat 92, 2100 Deurne.

Contact:          +32 477 93 67 35



Deeper Evening (EN/NL)

Come and join an interactive discussion with your questions  and thoughts about faith. Once a month we will take time to discuss and go deeper on the theology of Micheal S. Heiser and bring out the questions you may have from our new series "The king and his Kingdom". 


Leader:             Callum Adams

When:               Friday, 17th May; Friday 14th June. 19:30 - 21:30.

Where:            Kloosterstraat 17, Hoboken 2660.  (Hoboken not Antwerp!)

Contact:            +32 483 73 93 49.



Young Adults Lifegroup (EN/NL)

Are you +16 and -26? Are you into fun, good and friendship and ready to be real? Do you want to go after Jesus and the abundant life He has for us?

If so, this Life group is the one for you. You will feel at home, get encouraged and be challenged to take your life to the next level. It's going to be wildly exciting! Can't wait to see you there!


Leaders:         Elke Evenblij & Kenny Husmans

When:            Saturday, 19:00-21:30.

Where:           Balansstraat 66, 2018 Antwerpen.

Contact:          0498 350 263 (Elke), 0472 351 722 (Kenny)



Simple Church (EN/NL)

Simple Church means we come together like the “early church” - we'll have food, we pray, we read from Gods word and talk

about it - its very interactive and lives from the contributions of the people participating! We'll do it bi-lingual (English, Dutch) and if

necessary we'll use hand and feet 🙂 Everybody is welcome!


Leaders:              Ps Frank & Hadassa

When:                 Thursday 19:30 

Where:               Lageweg 466 2660 Hoboken




Your Lifegroup? (EN/NL)

Start your own Life Group!
If you do not find a Life Group that suits you – start your own Life Group!

All you have to do is to follow our NEXT STEPS and attend a one-time Life Group Leaders Training.

Some Examples are: all kinds of sport activities (running, soccer,gym, badminton,tennis etc ), Bible-Studies, Discipleship, Cooking, Leadership Training, Movie-Time, studying Hebrew/Greek, Alpha-Course, Book studies, Flash-mobs, Choir, Guitar-lessons, Prophetic Training, having coffee at Starbucks, Intercession for the nations, etc …

Leader: You

When: Whenever you’re available

Where: Your home, The Church, The Park – You Choose!

Language: English? Dutch? Both?

Interested in Joining?

Sign up!

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