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Aangezien Jezus de kapitein en de leider is van Lighthouse Fellowship Antwerpen, zou je Frank Ernst en Hadassa Ernst-Busschots de eerste stuurlieden kunnen noemen, diegenen die verantwoordelijk zijn voor het schip en zijn missie.

Hi, we are Frank and Hadassa!

Frank moved from germany to Antwerp in 2004 and is the founder of DE VLAM vzw an Organization that pioneers Day Care Centers with a christian concept in Flanders. He also is the founding pastor of Lighthouse Fellowship and oversees the church together with his wife Hadassa. He is proud father of 3, worship leader and a lover of italian food. Frank was part to of the Jesus Freak Movement in germany for 10 years and founded and led different churches, he is Co-author of two books (“vom Leben eben”; “10 years after”) and writer of several worship songs. Frank has a real passion to unlock the potential of Gods people and he believes that the local church is meant to be meaningful, relevant and alive!

Hadassa was born in Belgium. She got married to Frank in 2008. She works a few hours a week as a religion teacher for young adults and youth. In Lighthouse, she oversees the Life Boats and is part of the Sozo-team. She ll have a lasagna any time. Her heroes of faith are Dawna de Silva and Lisa Bevere. Her heart beats for strong and healthy relationships, and solid families. If she could change one thing, everyone in this world would be part of such a family, and making it stronger.[/ultimate_modal][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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