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Lighthouse Fellowship Antwerpen started beginning 2009 as house - church. We simply came together to share our lives, to read the bible and to talk about it. A strong desire to be real and authentic and the dream to create a fellowship where people would feel welcome and save to be themselves was and is the heartbeat of Lighthouse Fellowship.
We believe that the bible is a book that holds an explosive message that is full of power and speaks to our daily lives.
All of our Sunday services are Bi-lingual, we are an international church and it is important for us to reach English and Dutch speakers alike!
Our Life Groups are hosted in English, Dutch or both.
Here at Lighthouse, we have four main values: Honour, Generosity, Life-Giving and Excellence.
Honour - We want to honour everyone, encourgaing the Godly in everyone, and treating everyone with grace and respect.
Generosity - We want to be generous in all things, freely giving in every aspect of our lives. especially generous in grace.
Life-giving - The church is a life-giving group of people proclaiming the Gospel. We aim for all we do to come from life-giving the relationship we have with Jesus.
Excellence - "Excellence Honours God and inspires Man" - It is not about being perfect but doing the best with what we have.
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