The Table

Bringing the presence back into the homes.


Being a Priest of your home.

We understand for many the word Priest has an old fashioned or catholic or negative connotation attached to it. But we believe that as it says in scripture that every believer is a priest of his or her home. As part of that we want to resource you and equip to help you become the priest of your home. understanding what the term priest really means and how it applies to us all. God has a calling and a purpose for each and every one of our lives. Whether you are a single mother, part of a family or living on your own, you can commit to being the priest of your home and opening the door for God to use you today.

What is the Table?

By committing to be the priest of your home, you are choosing to create a space to allow God to use you as a spiritual leader in your home, in your family, and in your spheres of influence. This is seen when we gather around the table together be it friends, alone, as a family, singles or a mix and we partake in communion together and pray for one another. Which then is usually led into a meal. However, each one of us does it slightly different and we encourage you to find a way which works for you. The meaning and declaration of the meal is much more important than the order of what you do.

The Table Guide.

Beginning with anything can be awkward or difficult. So we want to equip with a guide to help you become familiar with the table. This is for families, single and more. it is all about building healthy family principals with kingdom DNA. We hope that we will see across the whole of Antwerp families coming together sharing food and breaking bread together as one church.

Choose your translation (PDF)

Engaging with scripture

Part of being a priest in engaging with God’s word. reading it and processing and learning to see it in the light of the whole story and the local contexts. For us that’s the whole story bible reading plan. its a calendar based reading plan which goes through the whole bible in a year but also adds great resources and videos in to the reading plan to help you get deeper insight into what you and many others are reading.

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