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The Table Guide.

Beginning with anything can be awkward or difficult. So we want to equip with a guide to help you become familiar with the table. This is for families, single and more. it is all about building healthy family principals with kingdom DNA. We hope that we will see across the whole of Antwerp families coming together sharing food and breaking bread together as one church.

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Being a Imager

The Table is all about bringing the presence of God back into our homes! We understand for some people the concept of being a priest of your home or trying this out might feel a bit wierd or out of your comfort zone. So we have a page to give you some more information. but the best way to find out about is to join someone else who does it!

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18:00 - CIA

11:00am - Karel Govaertsstraat 53, Antwerpen 2100
Doors open 10:30.
11:00 - 1st 2nd & 3rd Sundays - Vlasmarkt 30, 2000
Doors open 10:00

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