Life change happens in the context of real relationships!

  • Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World (EN /some NL)

    Over the past few decades, studies have shown that people are becoming more anxious and worried. How have we let our fears get the better of us? We are going to study and reflect on the promises of Philippians 4:4-8. This passage from Paul’s epistle contains an antidote to anxiety that will help us develop a mindset of resilience as we rediscover the power of prayer and take control of our thoughts. We can rest in “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding”.
    We will sing worships songs, watch short 20-25 minute videos, fellowship, pray, serve one another and have lots of fun together. ___________________________________________________________
    Leaders: Joseph & Ansellia Pieterse
    When: Thursdays, 19:30 – 21:00
    Where: Robert Bossaertsstraat 6, 2600 – Berchem
    Contact: +32 470 94 79 04;
  • Spikeball (EN/NL)

    Let’s play some spikeball! Doesn’t matter who you are or how good you are…a good hand-eye coordination would be nice! ;). If you don’t know it yet, you can search for it on youtube, but come along anyway would love to play. We will play in our old church building to get to know each other and the sport. As soon as the ball shoots meter in the air, we look for another location :D.
    Leaders: Michaël De Keyser
    When: Monday 19:00 – 21:00
    Where: Leeuwlantstraat 92, Deurne Antwerpen
    Contact: 0471 13 75 81;
  • Simple Church (EN/NL)

    Simple Church means we come together like the “early church” – we’ll have food, we pray, we read from Gods word and talk, its very interactive and lives from the contributions of the people participating! We’ll do it bi-lingual (English, Dutch) and if necessary we’ll use hand and feet 🙂 Everybody is welcome!
    Leaders: Ps Frank & Hadassa
    When: Tuesday 19:30
    Where: Lageweg 466 2660 Hoboken
  • Creative Group Thursdays (EN/NL)

    Female? Unfinished or new creative project or need some inspiration? Love chatting over a cup of tea or coffee?
    Bring your own project along and enjoy a creative morning in a peaceful setting while making new friends and building relationships. We’re likely to share some good laughs – and perhaps shed some tears – as we get to know each other better and simply share life. Come for the full three hours or for as long as you can manage. Don’t have a project yet? Come anyway! The other ladies may have some good advice and would love to get to know you better.
    Leader: Ansellia Pieterse
    When?: Thursdays between 10:00 and 13:00
    Where?: Robert Bossaertsstraat 6, Berchem (2600)
    Contact: +32 494 17 37 61;
  • Lets worship, have coffee and pray (EN/NL)

    There is no better way to start the day!
    Leaders: Ps Frank & Callum
    When: Thursday 10:00-11:30
    Where: Sint-Bernardsesteenweg 639, 2660 Hoboken
  • Geniet van jou creativiteit! (NL)

    Het nieuwe jaar is weer begonnen en je hebt zoveel goede voornemens. Gezond eten, breien, schilderen , noem maar op. De spullen liggen ergens in een kast maar je hebt nog niet de tijd gevonden om er aan te beginnen. En toegegeven: samen creatief zijn is gewoon leuker dan alleen. Heb je zin om met een klein of groot project te starten, verder te werken of af te werken? Hou je van een gezond of ongezond hapje en drankje ?
    Of wil je stiekem komen kijken naar wat anderen maken? Kom dan gerust langs op een crea-morgen en neem je spullen mee. Je kan er binnenvallen tussen 10 en 12 uur op woensdag. Voor alle dames jong en oud!!
    Leaders: Eva Van Hoof
    When: Wednesdays, 10:00-12:00. Every Two Weeks (29/1/20 – 12/2/20 – 26/2/20 – 11/3/20 – 25/3/20)
    Where: Oude Koornmarkt 63 2000 Antwerpen druk op bel Eva en Dennis en even wachten.
  • Connect (EN/NL/RUS)

    Make Friendship; spend some time together, play games, pray for each other, live life together.
    Leaders: Nikita & Sasha
    When: Thursdays 19:30- 21:00/21:30.
    Where: Dr. Van de Perrelei 94 2140, Antwerpen
    Contact:; +32466417134 (Sasha); +32465982016 (Nikita).
  • Soak Evenings (EN/NL)

    Every Wednesday evening we will come together to seek God, listen to His voice and to be in His presence. We will worship together, pray for one another, pray for the city and the things God wants to do. A time to put all distractions away and focus on one thing, Jesus.
    Leaders: Ps Callum & Rianne Adams
    When: Wednesday 19:30 – 21:00
    Where: Voetbalstraat 22 3L, Wilrijk 2610.
  • Simple Worship Simple Fellowship(EN/NL)

    Each week we’ll sit together, chat a bit over tea or coffee, pray together, and share different worship music from present and past which connect our hearts to God. Perhaps there is a song from 10 years ago which you would like to worship with again? Share your requests – then we’ll all worship God together!
    This lifegroup is quite flexible. You can make requests and music can be played by us if you want to just sing along or listen. However, you are equally welcome to participate if you want to prepare/present anything to play on our piano or guitars. Singing is greatly encouraged, but not required 🙂 Just come, share, and simply worship God as you are.
    Leaders: Simon & Narissa Schmidt
    When: Monday 18:00 – 20:00
    Where: Quinten Matsijslei 31, Antwerpen.

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