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Welcome to our Marriage Course!

The Marriage is designed to help married couples invest in their relationship and look into areas in which we can build a strong and stable marriage. Consisting of 4 short sessions. You can go through this course at your own pace taking the time needed. Joseph and Ansellia are always open for emails or even a zoom chat if you feel the need for further conversation.


Every marriage is the product of the time invested. This course is designed to help guide us all no matter where we are in our walk of marriage to give a fresh look at some elements of our lives and see where we are at.


Session 1

Welcome to Session 1! This session is all about what is it to be married and how to build a healthy foundation for your marriage. Learning to grow together as a couple and to become a team!

Session 2 – Loneliness

As we walk this life; its easy to get distracted, to becomes focused on the things ahead of us or behind us and sometimes we can lose sight of those around us. In this session we will discuss the topic of loneliness in marriage and how it can affect us all if left unchecked.

Session 3 – Our deepest needs

Everyone has needs; everyone has desires and feelings. As part of a healthy marriage we need to understand not only our own but our spouses needs so that we can properly engage with each other and ensure that both you and your spouse can learn how to fulfil the others needs.

Session 4 – Q & A

In this session we cover a variety of topics about marriage, and dig deeper into some of the questions people may have about marriage. Covering the importance of forgiveness, teamwork and apologising.


If you find that you still have questions you wish to ask Joseph and Ansellia – Feel free to contact them either by email to or arrange a zoom!

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